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My name is Marrit Veenstra, I compose with fabrics and other materials that have lived and with objects I found that tell a story - our story.


On these emotional traces of another era I assemble, I interweave, I dye, I embroider, I paint. I transform linen or fur into a painting, a sculpture or an installation, hanging or on the floor. This then becomes my story.


I like to explore black and white, light and shadow, lines and dots, tiny contrast. I am looking for harmony, a composition that is balanced, or not… The charm and beauty of imperfection.


Each work is the fragment of a research that is vital to me, on the questions that I ask myself on a daily basis about our world.

But also on our existence, on interactions between humans, on my values, on the invisible and the hereafter.


I do not provide answers, my process and its result are purely personal questions. It is the path of reflection and “doing” that makes me evolve. I exhibit the result of the moment with pleasure to the eye of the spectator who can, in turn, make it their own.


Textile artist and architect of Dutch origin, based in the heart of Livradois-Forez since 2015, I search tirelessly for the poetics of a simplicity that is discreet and pure.


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